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Our Bagpipes are made one by one, as a craft work.

That is why our musical instruments have excellent quality.

Because of this and because other people are interested in our musical instruments too, there is
a wait list about 2 or 3 months.

We give one year warranty. To read the terms click here

For more information, please, send us a message with copy to the e-mail address and our facebook page:

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Gaita Galega - Galician Bagpipes - Baroque Model 1
Gaita Galega with baroque style.

The Galician Bagpipe is played in Galiza, Northwest of Spain and Nort of Portugal.

It has a chromatical scale.
Open fingering as a recorder.
Key of C major.
Tuned in 440Hz.
The drone is also in the key of C.
We make this bagpipe in the key of Bflat, too

Available in rosewood or polypenco.

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Gaita Galega Baroque Model 2
with 2 drones

This bagpipe is in the key of C. Has 2 drones, both in the key of C.
We make this bagpipe in the key of Bflat, too.
Available in rosewood or polypenco

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Mittelalterliche Sackpfeife - Medieval Bagpipe- Germany Style

A minor scale.
Tuned in 440Hz.
Two models available: One drone in A or Two drones: A and E (photo below)
Open fingering, as a recorder.
Open bell in chanter and drones: powerfull sound.
Bagpipe cover of synthetic leather. 
Available in Peroba or Ypê Brazilian Wood

1 Drone Medieval Bagpipes

2 Drones Medieval Bagpipes

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