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- Family Luques Musical Instruments© gives one year of warranty for all their musical instruments against defects of manufactur.


- The warranty does not value for defects caused by wrong using of the owner;

- It is excluded from the guarantee that the instrument is handled incorrectly or handled inside and / or outside by anyone not authorized by Family Luques Musical Instruments©;

- The warranty does not cover consumable components such as reeds and valves;

- The bags of the bagpipes made Family Luques Musical Instruments© shop are made of synthetic material with moisture control. It is glued, stitched and vulcanized so that the sealing air is guaranteed. If there are leaks, the warranty covers the repair unless it is found incorrect manipulation by those who use the instrument;

- The Family Luques Musical Instruments© covers the guarantee performing the repair at your store and reserves the right not to provide the service to instruments that were handled with evil intent .

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